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Our curriculum is based on the Archdiocesan Graded Course of Study, which has been approved by the State of Ohio, Department of Education.  Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School is state certified, and faculty members are credentialed by the State of Ohio. Courses for all grades include religion, language arts, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, art, music, technology, and physical education. While religion is a course of its own, our Catholic faith is infused into all courses. The Catholic Schools Office works directly with the school to ensure that the religious standards follow the doctrine of the Catholic Church and that all religion teachers are certified through taking a series of Catechetical courses. Non-Catholic students are required to participate in the religious programs. While the MTCES curriculum includes student sacraments, MTCES students make their First Communion and Confirmation within their home parishes.

Below are some highlights of MTCES curriculum divided by Primary, Intermediate and Junior High.

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