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Danielle Brinkmann

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Danielle Brinkmann


What are you doing now/job title?  

I graduated from John Carroll University in 2020 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I just completed my third year teaching! When I graduated from college, I went back to MTCES and taught there for 2 years as a first grade teacher. I got to work with Beth Bauer who was my first grade teacher and someone who has always inspired me. From there, I moved to Dayton and I took a job at Greeneview Elementary in Jamestown, OH as a first grade teacher. I just finished my first year there and loved it! This summer, I am helping teach summer school at Greeneview and I am excited to get to work with some of the students I just had, as well as, other students I didn't. I love teaching and getting to work with kids!


How did MTCES prepare you for your future?  Are there any teachers or staff members that you would like to recognize?

MTCES helped to shape who I am as a person. I learned the value of education, but I also learned the value of respect. The education that I received from MTCES inspired me to become a teacher. I saw how each teacher helped and respected every student and it made me want to have the same impact on kids. While I went through MTCES, I had so many wonderful teachers that helped inspire me and shape me. The very first teacher who inspired me was my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Beth Bauer. She had this immense love for teaching and helping her students. She is someone who I view as a role model especially now that I am a first grade teacher. Another teacher who inspired me was my junior high science teacher, Mrs. Karen Geiger. I was never the strongest at science and I often struggled in her class. However, she was always so patient and helpful with me. She helped me to work hard and succeed. I will never forget when I decided I wanted to be a teacher, which was during her science class in 7th grade. Mrs Bauer and Mrs. Geiger both inspired me to become a teacher because of the way they taught with passion and patience. These are just two of the many incredible teachers I had along the way. MTCES is an incredible place. I am so thankful that I was able to have so many incredible, as well as, teach alongside of so many incredible teachers.

Class of 2012
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